The people make the classes; the commitment, the camaraderie, the connection. Our small classes and modifiable routines allow you to customize a class to fit your fitness level. Never the same, always challenging, TrueFit's group programs combine the very best training protocols from across the spectrum including sports conditioning, pilates, martial arts, triathlons, marathons, 5k, and the hottest new trend in fitness, TRX suspension training. $200/ 10 classes


TrueTone: Monday--Thursday, 9:00-9:55am
GET MOVING! 45 minutes of cardio to strength intervals perfect for the beginner, beer-gutted couch potatoes, post-partum moms, or anyone looking to find the body they left behind. Fun, fast-paced. Build tone, lose fat, get hooked.


TrueForce: Mon--Thurs, 5:00-5:55am & 6:00-6:55pm
Intensive strength training with high volume agility and speed training. Blow-out master sets, with bursts of plyometrics to get your blood pumping and your mind challenged. Perfect for the intermediate fitness enthusiasts or seasoned athlete.