What is different about TrueFit? It starts with the truth -- we’ll give it to you and you’ll learn from it. You’ll face your weaknesses. You’ll learn how to push. You'll learn how to fight. You’ll learn the difference between working out and training. You'll learn the difference between commitment and dedication. You’ll learn the power of being true. You’ll see the results.

Our Facility
There is no other facility in the Hill Country like TrueFit. With the best-of-class cardio and strength training equipment -- including a TRX suspension training system that is the next wave in fitness --TrueFit Training Studio has everything to challenge people of all fitness levels.

Our Philosophy
TrueFit is anytime, anywhere conditioning. Whether charging toward a finish line or chasing down a toddler, TrueFit focuses on creating the physical discipline and mental toughness to meet your daily demands, athletic challenges, or just take your fitness to the next level.

Our Training
TrueFit training is about the whole body-strength, attitude, and nutrition. Our personal and group programs use a multi-modal approach to training, combining elements of sports conditioning, martial arts, weightraining, boxing, and calisthenics to name a few. Flexible, versatile training programs create the most demand on the body and deliver true results.